Today I got the question again in which it is so important to have a niche or ideal customer. I see that having to choose a niche among many companies entails a lot of resistance.

“But I just want to help everyone”

I fully understand this. You have started your business to help others and you would prefer not to exclude people from your services in advance. Most likely you are also secretly worried that you will leave many potential customers when you focus on one specific group of people. Yet it is one of the most important steps you need to take to build a successful business.

When you try to reach everyone you reach no one

Ok. You can probably get some customers within your network, but you will never be able to set up a very successful business. Imagine this. You will be in a full train station and you want to have the attention of the people. You start shouting “Hey everyone! May I have your attention? “. People probably think that something is wrong with you and will ignore you. Now you think that someone is called Jan. So start calling you “Hey Jan!”. Most likely, a few people will think that you have it against them and turn to you. Voila, you have to address their attention.

When you try to reach everyone you reach no one. Make sure you remember that.

The specialist deserves more than the generalist

Specialists earn more money, get more respect, and generally have more fun in what they do. Take for example a doctor versus a brain surgeon.

The doctor gets many different types of patients, sits often in a small office without windows, and works many hours. These are figures. The doctor works as many patients as possible one day, he diagnoses them and goes on again to the next. The doctors receive less respect and appreciation for their work. You probably have never seen a doctor on the cover of a magazine or newspaper. They also don’t get a fantastic salary.

Then you have the brain surgeon. This is also a doctor but with a specialization. The brain surgeon often has a nice office, sees a few patients a week and therefore does not have to work so many hours. They come to work for a few surgeries, do what they are good at, and then it’s all over again. Brain surgeons get a lot of respect and are seen as geniuses. and salary? which is considerably higher.

So the big difference is in the specialization. Specialists get more respect, more money, and have more fun in their work.

How do you choose your ideal customer?

Create a list of things that you have the affinity with. This can be sports, age categories, certain functions or whatever. Then you look at how much you can link these things to your service. Perhaps you will become the new mindset coach for Toptennissers? A burnout coach for freelancers?

Think carefully about who you want to help, how you want them to be, and how your service helps this target group.

Also think carefully about who you don’t want to help. When people sign up that you don’t want or can help.. Then be honest to yourself and send these people to companies that can help them. In the long run, it will cost you more than it does.

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